Experience a stunning stay at a backwater resort in Kerala

backwater resort Kerala

Looking for a pleasant stay at a backwater resort in Kerala?  Whether visiting with family, or friends or seeking a solo adventure, Kerala is the destination that makes your trip splendid. Additionally, the backwater resorts provide a heart-throbbing experience to visitors. 

Let’s know the top and most amazing Kerala backwater resort to exceed your expectations: 

  • Lake Canopy Resort Alleppey

One of the best backwater resort Kerala, Lake Canopy Resort is a well-kept resort with a stunning view of the Alleppey backwaters. With its 28 rooms and cottages, the resort is a great spot for families and couples to stay. There are five cottages with Jacuzzis, and accommodations facing the lake are very suggested if you want to take in the breathtaking view of the backwaters. The resort also offers free tea and refreshments in the evening. In addition, there are indoor activities and bicycle and paddle boat excursions available for visitors to this unusually shaped amusement complex.

  • Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere

One of Kerala’s most popular backwater resorts, the Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere, was masterfully created to highlight the area’s rich history and posh atmosphere. It is a sanctuary of relaxation and renewal, tucked away among verdant plantations and enticing stretches of the serene backwaters. For the most romantic sunset cruises, reserve a houseboat, paddle boat, motorboat, or rowboat from the resort. When you stay at one of Kerala’s Best Backwater Resorts, Vasundhara, you can anticipate experiencing both the sumptuous pleasures of traditional Kerala life and the true spirit and feeling of loving hospitality.

  • Kumarakoram Lake Resort

As one of Kerala’s heritage hotels, Kumarakom Lake Resort has received praise and has won the ‘World Travel Award’ around four times in a row. Presidential Suites, Heritage Lake Villas with private pools, Heritage Villas with private pools, Meandering Pool Villas, Luxury Pavilion Rooms, and Houseboats are among the accommodations that the hotel provides. In addition, the hotel’s cuisine prepares Mughlai, Chinese, North Indian, Continental, and other traditional dishes. Because of its excellent services, this Kerala backwater resort is also the most recommended option for all tourists.

Punnamada Backwater Resort

Surrounded by verdant meadows, Punnamada Backwater Resort in Alleppey is one of the most luxurious in the area. It has a reputation for offering courteous services that last a lifetime. The Punnamada Backwater Resort offers an opulent selection of lodging options, from a Duplex Villa to a lake-view villa, all of which are outfitted with top-notch facilities. The resort is well known for providing guests with unimaginable experiences.

  • Woodgreens Heritage Resort

At Kannur, Kerala, the Woodgreens Heritage Resort lives up to its reputation of offering an amazing stay and an exciting experience. What distinguishes the resort from the others is its paradisiacal environment, which features beaches on one side and rolling hills on the other. Woodgreens Heritage Resorts features an outdoor pool, a lovely garden, free WiFi, and free private parking.

  • Aymanam Village Backwater Resort

One of Kerala’s best backwater resorts, Aymanam Village Backwater Resort allows guests to witness the breathtaking splendor of vast expanses of lush vegetation and a network of rivers and canals. The resort not only families as guests but also honeymooners and devoted couples looking to relax. This backwater resort Kerala is also known as the traditional “Thearvadu” resort since its magnificent architecture has been fully conserved.

  • Taj Kumarakom Resort and Spa

One of the greatest backwater resorts in Kerala, Taj Kumarakom, is the perfect option for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to escape the hectic city life. This resort exudes the pure essence of nature, inspired by the classic Keralan colonial residences. They also provide backwater trips that help visitors have a deeper knowledge of the area and its people. Everything you may need to be amused and comfortable is available at the resort.

What’s more for you in resorts in Kerala backwaters? 

A Calm Getaway

Kerala’s backwater resorts are havens of relaxation and renewal, not merely somewhere to stay. These peaceful havens provide an opportunity to unplug from technology and re-establish a connection with the natural world. Imagine waking up to the pleasant aroma of tropical flowers, the sound of chirping, and the calm lap of water against the coast.

Revealing the Backwaters of Kerala

Some of the most well-liked locations in Kerala for backwater excursions include Alleppey, Kumarakom, and Alappuzha. These areas comprise an extensive network of backwaters, charming towns, verdant paddy fields, and gracefully waving coconut trees

An Odyssey on a Houseboat

Enjoying a leisurely ride on a traditional houseboat is an essential part of any vacation to Kerala’s backwaters. Known locally as a “Kettuvallam,” these unusual boats were formerly employed for the transportation of freight and rice. They have been converted into opulent floating homes that provide a window into Kerala’s traditional way of life. Savor the beautiful views as you glide down the serene rivers and tuck into mouthwatering locally-made cuisine served on board.

Ayurvedic Recovery

Kerala is well known for its age-old Ayurvedic medical procedures, which are designed to bring the body’s equilibrium and harmony back. Ayurvedic therapies are available at many backwater resorts, giving visitors the chance to experience an all-encompassing method of health care. Savor herbal cures, relaxing massages, and one-on-one consultations with Ayurvedic professionals.

Gourmet Treats

The symphony of flavors in Kerala’s food reflects its rich cultural legacy. Backwater resorts in Kerala highlight its gastronomic delights, offering traditional regional cuisine made with seasonal, fresh ingredients. Savor the sweetness of tropical fruits, the taste of seafood, and the aromas of fragrant spices.

Immersion in Culture

This backwater resort Kerala provides a chance to fully experience Kerala’s colorful culture. Take part in culinary workshops, watch traditional dance performances, and discover the handicrafts made in the area. Learn about the diverse range of customs that Kerala offers.

An oasis for lovers of the natural world

The resorts in Kerala backwaters are a nature lover’s paradise. Wildlife aficionados can see otters, elephants, and even crocodiles, while birdwatchers can enjoy seeing a range of rare species. The backwaters’ tranquil atmosphere makes them the ideal location for meditation and nature photography.

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