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Kerala trip from Bangalore

Kerala is God’s own country and captivates visitors because of its stunning landscapes, serene backwaters, tropical greenery, and so on. It is a prominent tourist spot that enchants everyone including both couples and families. 

The major attractions of Kerala included in our Bangalore to Kerala tour package: 

If planning a Kerala trip from Bangalore, we have brought the ultimate guide for you describing the stunning places of Kerala, travel tips, and much more. You must go through this guide before taking off to Kerala. 

Munnar: The Haven of the Hill Station

  • Munnar, which is famous for its tea plantations, mist-covered hills, and varied flora and wildlife, is tucked away in the Western Ghats.
  • The picturesque tea estates, Mattupetty Dam, and Eravikulam National Park are among the attractions.

Alleppey: The Eastern Venice

  • Alleppey, well-known for its houseboats and backwaters, provides a serene and distinct experience.
  • Activities include taking houseboat tours, touring backwater towns, and savoring regional food from Kerala.

Kochi: A Fusion of Modern and Tradition

  • The commercial city, of Kochi, has a rich past influenced by many different civilizations.
  • Points of attraction include the lively Jew Town, Mattancherry Palace, Chinese Fishing Nets, and Fort Kochi.

Kovalam: Sunshine, Sand, and Calm

  • Kovalam is a well-liked beach resort with a reputation for having immaculate beaches and lively nightlife. 
  • Highlights: Hawah Beach, Lighthouse Beach, and the laid-back vibe.

Thekkady: Adventure in a Wildlife Sanctuary

  • The Periyar National Park, which offers a distinctive animal experience, is located in Thekkady.
  • Activities include trekking, boat safaris, and spice plantation exploration.

Cultural Encounters:

  • Conventional Dancing Styles

Watch fascinating demonstrations of Kathakali and Mohiniyattam, two classical dance traditions.

See cultural performances to gain insight into Kerala’s diverse cultural heritage.

  • Wellness and Ayurveda

Kerala is widely known for its health centers and Ayurvedic therapies.

  Savor restorative massages and treatments that have their roots in historical customs.

  • Occasions and Festivities

Take part in the colorful celebrations of holidays like Thrissur Pooram and Onam.

Take part in regional festivities to experience Kerala’s vibrant culture.

Outdoor and Adventure Activities:

  • Trekking in the Western Ghats 

Discover the Western Ghats’ picturesque paths, offering hiking opportunities for every skill level.

Explore forested areas, gorgeous waterfalls, and expansive vistas.

  • Safaris for Wildlife

Experience a wildlife safari at Periyar National Park to perhaps see tigers, elephants, and other unique animals.

Take a guided trip to discover Kerala’s rich biodiversity.

  • Water Activities in Kovalam and Varkala

In the seaside communities of Varkala and Kovalam, take part in exhilarating water activities like windsurfing, parasailing, and kayaking.

Take in the breathtaking seaside scenery while feeling the thrill of excitement.

Appetizing Delights:
  • Food from Kerala

Savor the tasty and varied cuisine of Kerala, which is well-known for its use of seafood, coconut, and spices.

Appam with stew, Kerala Sadhya, and Karimeen Pollichathu are must-try foods.

  • Cooking classes

Take part in traditional cooking lessons in Kerala to improve your cooking abilities.

Discover the skill of combining spices and cooking traditional Kerala cuisine.

Bangalore to Kerala tour package types:
  • Retreats in the Backwaters

Programs specifically designed to include houseboat accommodations and backwater excursions.

Choices for opulent or affordable experiences.

  • Escapes from Hill Station

Packages that emphasized visiting hill places such as Thekkady and Munnar.

Perfect for people looking for a peaceful vacation and those who enjoy the outdoors.

  • Tours of Cultural Immersion

Personalized tours to discover Kerala’s diverse culture.

Comprises going to temples, historical places, and traditional performances.

  • Adventures with Wildlife

Packages for lovers of wildlife that include safaris in Periyar National Park.

Combine outdoor hikes with wildlife encounters.

  • Holistic and Ayurvedic Retreats

Customized programs for people looking to improve their health and well-being.

Consists of yoga classes, Ayurvedic treatments, and health initiatives.

Astonishing activities you can take part in during a visit to Kerala: 
  • Spa treatments using natural herbs and oils to bring the body and mind back into balance: Ayurvedic therapies are a historic Indian medical practice.
  • Cruises around Kerala’s backwaters are an excellent opportunity to take in the stunning scenery. On board, you may savor traditional Keralan food as well.
  • Houseboat stays: The typical Keralan boat used to explore the backwaters is the houseboat. You may enjoy the tranquility of the backwaters by spending the night on a houseboat.
  • Wildlife sanctuaries: There are several wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala where you may witness a variety of species, including tigers, leopards, and elephants.
  • Hill stations: Kerala is home to several hill stations where you may take in the breathtaking scenery and crisp mountain air.
  • Beach resorts: Kerala is home to several lovely beaches where you may unwind and enjoy the sunshine.
  • Spice farms: Kerala is well-known for its spices. You may discover how spices are cultivated and prepared by going on a tour of a spice plantation.
  • Kerala is also the location of several tea plantations. You can visit a tea plantation to discover the growing and processing methods used for tea.
  • Kerala is home to a thriving artistic and cultural scene. For further information on Keralan culture, you may go to a lot of museums and temples.
Travel Advice:
  1. October through March is the ideal time of year to travel to Kerala.
  2. Though English is widely used, Malayalam is the official language of Kerala.
  3. You will need to apply for a visa in advance if you are visiting India from a nation where such travel is prohibited.
  4. Because Kerala has warm, muggy weather, be careful to travel light.
  5. It’s also a good idea to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
  6. Make sure you have a towel and swimwear if you intend to engage in any water sports.
Last words: 

Experiences ranging from serene backwaters and verdant hill stations to lively cultural customs and daring animal encounters are all included in a Kerala travel package. Every tourist may find something to suit their needs in Kerala, be it adventure, leisure, or cultural immersion. Also, fret not about Kerala tour packages from Bangalore with price for 3 days, because Lock Your Trip provides budget-friendly travel plans as per your interest and budget. Arrange your travel to this captivating location, and let the enchantment of God’s Own Country materialize right before your eyes.

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