Pet-friendly resorts in Shimla? Here’s a guide for you

pet friendly resorts in shimla

Our pet-friendly lodge, tucked away amid Shimla’s stunning scenery, provides both people
and their four-legged friends with a peaceful refuge. Recognizing the importance of your
pet’s good night’s sleep, we ensure their needs are met in our lodgings. Lock Your Trip offers
lavish Pet-friendly resorts in Shimla for pet lovers a destination where they can make
lifelong memories with their four-legged pals, not just a place to stay.

A cordial hello:

We will welcome you with open arms and a warm grin as soon as you and your pet arrive at
our resort. Our pet-friendly guidelines are made to make sure your animals are taken care of
and feel as comfortable as you are.

Our top priority is your pet’s enjoyment and well-being, which is demonstrated by our large
rooms and designated pet-friendly areas.

Pet-friendly accommodations:

We provide a range of lodging options that are ideal for different types of visitors and their four-legged companions. Every area, from elegant suites to small, comfortable rooms, has been carefully thought out to promote rest and relaxation. Pet beds, bowls, and other necessities are provided in pet-friendly rooms to let your pet feel completely at home. Recognizing the importance of your pet’s good night’s sleep, we ensure their needs are met in our lodgings.

Outdoor adventures:

Having access to gorgeous outdoor areas is one of our Pet-friendly resorts in Shimla’s best features.

We demonstrate our commitment to your pets’ enjoyment and well-being through our large
rooms and designated pet-friendly areas. Discover verdant gardens, wander along
meandering trails at a leisurely pace, or have picnics in the picturesque surroundings with
your pet. Beautiful pathways that are ideal for early morning walks and quality time spent
with your dogs surround our property. We offer guided excursions for the more daring,
allowing you and your dogs to explore Shimla’s hidden treasures together.

Snacking treats for animals/pets:

We think that animals should also be treated! You may treat your pets to freshly prepared
meals at our resort’s pet-friendly dining area. To make sure your dogs are well-fed and
satisfied during your stay, our chefs prepare delicious and nutritional pet-friendly meals. We
can take care of everything, from healthy meals to delicious pet treats.

Services for Pet Care:

We provide a variety of pet care options to provide even more relaxation to your stay. With
the availability of veterinary care, pet sitting, and professional pet grooming, you can
explore Shimla in comfort. Our knowledgeable team will take good care of your pets and
make sure they are happy and safe while you go on your travels.

Community and Socialization:

Our Pet-friendly resorts in Shimla offer a venue for connections and socializing between
dogs and their owners. Regularly scheduled playdates, training sessions, and themed events
help pet owners feel more connected to one another. These activities not only keep your
pets entertained, but they also let you socialize with like-minded people, which fosters a
welcoming environment at the resort.

Accountability for the Environment:

We dedicate ourselves to environmentally responsible and sustainable activities. We build
our resort using energy-efficient technology and responsibly utilize natural resources, all
while focusing on the environment. During their visit, we urge visitors—as well as their
pets—to respect the environment and adhere to eco-friendly practices. By working
together, we can ensure that Shimla remains beautiful for future generations.

The following advice can help you travel with your pet:

  1. Verify that your pet has received all of the recommended vaccinations: This is
    crucial for maintaining the safety and health of your pet as well as stopping the
    transmission of illness to other animals.
  2. Get your veterinarian to issue you a health certificate: Most trips require this, and it
    could be helpful if your pet requires medical care while you’re away.
  3. Your pet must have a microchip: Most trips require this, and it could be helpful if
    your pet requires medical care while you’re away.
  4. Put together a pet travel pack: This should contain any necessary prescriptions for
    your pet as well as food, water, bowls, a leash, collar, ID tags, and first aid supplies.
  5. Make reservations at pet-friendly hotels: Pet-friendly hotels, motels, and resorts are
    widely available. Make sure to give the lodgings a call in advance to find out whether
    they allow pets and to find out about any limitations.
  6. Pay attention to the weather: Make sure your pet stays hydrated and in the shade
    when traveling to a hot region. Make sure to outfit your pet correctly for the
    weather and provide them with a comfortable place to sleep if you are traveling to a
    chilly region.
  7. While traveling, stop for breaks: Every few hours, let your pet take a couple of laps
    around the house to relieve themselves.
  8. Exhibit patience and empathy: Traveling may be a stressful experience for your pet
    and you.

Here are a few more pointers:

  1. Make sure you research the airline’s pet policy ahead of time if you want to travel
    with your pet.
  2. While some airlines allow just certain breeds and sizes of dogs, others insist that
    animals be transported as cargo.
  3. When traveling with your pet in tow, remember to stop often. Every few hours, let
    your pet take a couple of laps around the house to relieve themselves.
  4. To provide your pet with a secure and cozy place to sleep, you might also want to
    think about packing a portable pet carrier or crate.
  5. Make careful to clean up after your pet if you are lodging at a hotel that allows pets.
    This entails collecting their trash and storing them.

Taking your pet on a trip may be a fulfilling experience. You may make sure that your pet
travels safely and enjoyably by paying attention to these pointers.


Our pet-friendly resort in Shimla is more than simply a place to stay; it’s an adventure that
honors the relationship that exists between people and their animals. Surrounded by
Shimla’s serene beauty, our resort offers the perfect balance of adventure, leisure, and
camaraderie. The resort is the perfect option whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway
or an adventurous outdoor experience with your dogs. Visit our pet-friendly resort in Shimla to escape the everyday and set off on an amazing adventure with your animals.

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